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Current Transformer

Low Voltage Current Transformer

Wide model range with diverse specifications and applications. Customization available upon request.

Medium Voltage Current Transformer

Fully enclosed epoxy resin cast CT. Excellent insulation and moisture resistance.

Low Voltage Zero Sequence Current Transformer

Work with protective relays, providing protection and monitoring of the power supply and distribution systems.

Potential Transformer

Low Voltage Potential Transformer

For voltage and energy measuring, as well as relay protection in the power systems.

Medium Voltage Potential Transformer

Stain and moisture resistant. No need for special maintenance. Small size with compact structure.

Zero Sequence Protective Relay

Panel Mount or Screw In Type

Has two main functions: Alarm and tripping.  Both have a wide time setting range.

DIN Rail Mount Type

Has an open circuit alarm indicator function, providing real time monitoring against leakage condition of the systems.

Transducer (Sensor)

Current Transducer

CT and transducer integrated into one, sending a linearly proportional output signal to the instrument.

Voltage Transducer

Has the same technical parameters as the current transducers, only with a different input signal.  Simple circuit, with higher accuracy levels.

About Us

BH Electric is a company that specializes in manufacturing, researching & developing the technology of medium to low voltage current transformers, potential transformers and zero-sequence protective devices. Founded in 1995, BH has obtained 22 national patents in product function and exterior design; and has 6 provincial award titles for New Product Innovations. In 2013, BH was honored to participate in drafting the national standard of “Electrical Safety In Low Voltage Power Distribution System up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC – the Testing, Instrumentation and Monitoring Device for the Protective Equipment of the Power Distribution System. ”